“They can come to dinner.”

At our house, we use this phrase, “They can come to dinner,” when we come across a celebrity that is profoundly endearing or that we admire deeply. Our first invite was Jack Black, and over time, our invitees have included Mark Ruffalo, Chadwick Boseman (okay, the entire Marvel and LOTR movie casts), the Obamas, Bryan Stevenson, Bruce Springsteen, and the occasional historical figure, like my new fave, Phoebe Palmer. The list is long; the imaginary table is large.

As I prepare for a year of practicing the church calendar, the “invitation to dinner” best depicts this experience in my mind. Tradition and the collage we call the church calendar were created by women and men on a journey with God. Practicing their traditions, walking through this year, is a learning, an opportunity to “sit across the table” from them, in a way. I long to listen to those who went before me. They endured incredible hardship bravely, knew God intimately, and experienced life- the mundane and the extraordinary. I hope to reflect on and exercise past practice, inviting church history into my life, like a new friend, walking together thoughtfully over the year.

I desire to be mindful about practice in general, too. Practice doesn’t create life. It inhabits it. Life is already happening fully and beautifully all around us. Life is already in practice right here. I hope to open up to the possibility of traditions and praxis intersecting my everydayness, making space for observing life’s natural rhythm and space for humanity’s creative rhythm.

Life that invites. Life at the table. Life in practice.

Photo by fauxels on Pexels.com

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