When it snows in April: a lament for Eastertide

It snowed last week. Tuesday, April 13. Snow. We just had a week of absolutely glorious weather- 70s, sun, flip flops. It was beautiful! And then it snowed. Ugh. It was a light snow; nothing “stuck” (as we say in Northeastern Wisconsin). I am so miffed, that I have refused to put my coat backContinue reading “When it snows in April: a lament for Eastertide”

Resurrecting Nevers

“Never again.” These words have a power, although frail and finite, to protect us from harm. Once we have been hurt, rejected, abused, misused, and disappointed, a helpful “never again” can keep us from further damage. As children we learn to not touch the hot stove, play with sharp objects, and cross the street unattendedContinue reading “Resurrecting Nevers”

The Mirage of Manhood

“Don’t cry.” If we just stopped here in the conversation about society’s version of manhood, it would already be heartbreaking. Don’t cry? Don’t let your body do what it naturally does to process pain, anger, disappointment, doubt, and fear? So you’re saying, “In order to be accepted in society, you have to be mentally unwell?”Continue reading “The Mirage of Manhood”

St. Frederick Douglass Day

Today marks the 126th anniversary of the death of Frederick Douglass (1818-1895)- abolitionist, orator, teacher, writer, editor, and government official. Douglass taught himself how to read as a child of no more than 10, freed himself from slavery by stowing away on a boat bound for New York in 1838, and then purchased his ownContinue reading “St. Frederick Douglass Day”