Don’t shut the book too soon

What if you closed the book when Marilla told Matthew to take Anne back to the train station? What if you closed the book when Jane Eyre was an abused and abandoned little girl at the boarding school? What if you closed the book when Laura, Mary, and Ma were waiting out a blizzard withContinue reading “Don’t shut the book too soon”

What I’m learning from my cat

Often when I fail, or feel like I have failed, I shut down tight. My go-to reaction is Fort Knox. I isolate. I clench. I am a lit canon whose fuse is short. Shame lies underneath all that reactivity. Even deeper than the shame lays the foundational lie that those who fail deserve to beContinue reading “What I’m learning from my cat”

Epiphany 1

Into time. Into space. Into frailty. Into confines and limitations. Infinite into finite. Eternal into temporal. By choice. For love. For us. To be near. To redeem. To make new. This Sunday, the church calendar hovers over the baptism of Jesus, and many churches will ponder the relevance of this Scripture for their people. WithoutContinue reading “Epiphany 1”

Epiphany in Ordinary Time

It has taken me a couple of days to formulate words. I’m heart-sore, angry, and honestly, embarrassed. I’m grieving as an American, but even more so, I’m deeply saddened as a Christian. Wednesday was the celebration of Epiphany, the revelation of Christ to the Gentiles as represented in the appearance of the Magi as readContinue reading “Epiphany in Ordinary Time”

Christmastide 3: A New Day Dawning

Sometimes I just need to know that I’m okay, that I’m forgiven, that I’m accepted and loved as is. However, the temptation at the beginning of a new year is to load ourselves down with “should,” “challenge,” and “new.” Ugh. New was not meant to be a burden like this; it was given to setContinue reading “Christmastide 3: A New Day Dawning”

Redeemed Not Right: A New Year’s Reflection on Renewal

I enjoy winning arguments. Not as much as I used to. (We’ll get to that.) But I still find some real thrill in showing that an opposing point of view can’t hold water and that my own view can withstand any and all of the objections lobbed at it. (This is something of an occupationalContinue reading “Redeemed Not Right: A New Year’s Reflection on Renewal”

Christmastide 2: Incarnation

I can’t point to another moment in my life that I was more convinced of God’s existence, his presence, or his love than the evening of Good Friday 2019. I had been asked to share a spoken reflection at service that night. The following is an excerpt: “Throughout my life, many voices have tried toContinue reading “Christmastide 2: Incarnation”