“They can come to dinner.”

At our house, we use this phrase, “They can come to dinner,” when we come across a celebrity that is profoundly endearing or that we admire deeply. Our first invite was Jack Black, and over time, our invitees have included Mark Ruffalo, Chadwick Boseman (okay, the entire Marvel and LOTR movie casts), the Obamas, BryanContinue reading ““They can come to dinner.””

In the shadow of all the saints

I vote today in the shadow of the Menominee and Oneida people on whose land I inhabit. I vote today in the shadow of colonization, suppression of women’s humanity, slavery, and otherness. I vote today in the shadow of all those who have combatted such evils and all those who believed they were doing God’sContinue reading “In the shadow of all the saints”

A little Burgmüller for the soul

Practice is formative… ugh. That sounds awful. It sounds like my great enemy, soul-defeating perfectionism, lurking in the dark, just waiting to take me down and make me feel like crap. The farther I have journeyed from my innocent days sitting at the piano by myself, the more I have welcomed others into the listening.Continue reading “A little Burgmüller for the soul”