As Guest, As Host

That word “hospitality” makes me cringe with thoughts of well-polished ladies serving tea with plastic smiles and delicate conversation. The pretense irritates me, while at the same time, the unattainable precision intimidates me. There is no amount of commitment and study that could make me into Martha Stewart or Joanna Gaines. I could go toContinue reading “As Guest, As Host”

St. Thomas and Independence Day

Many of us celebrating the Fourth of July this past weekend were wrestling with the tension that exists between the idealized and reality. On July 4, 1776, our country’s founding document declared freedom from Britain, but not a freedom for all. White, land-owning men could revel in this day, but the rest of us wouldContinue reading “St. Thomas and Independence Day”

Juneteenth and Joseph

When I first began this blog, I was hoping to record a year in which I practiced the Church calendar. Staying faithful to weekly writing, let alone steadfast observance, has proven to be a challenge. Besides basic human busyness, I like new things; I’m a sucker for creativity and starting new projects. I’m not soContinue reading “Juneteenth and Joseph”

The Sacred Heart of Jesus and My Journey to PRIDE

“Is that discernment or is that fear?” This has been my life-long battle of attempting to follow Christ, to know God’s heart. My fear of rejection, my desperate grasping and striving to earn approval, only to then circle back to the fear of losing it once I think I have it- this gets all enmeshedContinue reading “The Sacred Heart of Jesus and My Journey to PRIDE”

Trinity Sunday and Biblical Womanhood

Trinity Sunday was celebrated throughout the Global Church this past weekend, and I can’t help but think about the implications of my Trinitarian theology on my life as a woman. I have read and heard pastors, scholars, and teachers try to justify subordinate biblical womanhood on the foundation that Christ submitted himself to the Father.Continue reading “Trinity Sunday and Biblical Womanhood”

Pentecost 2021

As a white, middle class, middle-aged, cisgender female, heterosexual, Global North, American, Christian, I have a particular view of the world. It is shaped by my experience, culture, gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, education, history (or the history I have been taught), media, family dynamics, socio-economic status, geographical location, etc. Every human has a uniqueContinue reading “Pentecost 2021”

For the mothers under a cross

This Mother’s Day we acknowledge every mother who has spent time under a cross. We see you, mother who is waiting for a positive pregnancy test, for the word “viable,” for the fear of “never” to be over. We see you, mother who had to hold your child as they breathed their last, or whoContinue reading “For the mothers under a cross”

I just don’t know

Over the last few weeks, I have been struggling with writing on this blog. I want to stay committed to working through this year in practice, writing weekly as a discipline of working through my thoughts, and living present in the season in which I find myself. But I’m rattled. I have more questions thanContinue reading “I just don’t know”

When it snows in April: a lament for Eastertide

It snowed last week. Tuesday, April 13. Snow. We just had a week of absolutely glorious weather- 70s, sun, flip flops. It was beautiful! And then it snowed. Ugh. It was a light snow; nothing “stuck” (as we say in Northeastern Wisconsin). I am so miffed, that I have refused to put my coat backContinue reading “When it snows in April: a lament for Eastertide”

Resurrecting Nevers

“Never again.” These words have a power, although frail and finite, to protect us from harm. Once we have been hurt, rejected, abused, misused, and disappointed, a helpful “never again” can keep us from further damage. As children we learn to not touch the hot stove, play with sharp objects, and cross the street unattendedContinue reading “Resurrecting Nevers”