This summer I have been taking a course called “Creation Care and Sabbath Economics,” a Christian ecological and economic ethic. Learning about all the ways that our consumeristic, capitalistic society is destroying the environment, exploiting and decimating the poor, and deluding us into thinking we are just fine, has been disheartening and infuriating. I tendContinue reading “Next”

Resurrecting Nevers

“Never again.” These words have a power, although frail and finite, to protect us from harm. Once we have been hurt, rejected, abused, misused, and disappointed, a helpful “never again” can keep us from further damage. As children we learn to not touch the hot stove, play with sharp objects, and cross the street unattendedContinue reading “Resurrecting Nevers”

Don’t shut the book too soon

What if you closed the book when Marilla told Matthew to take Anne back to the train station? What if you closed the book when Jane Eyre was an abused and abandoned little girl at the boarding school? What if you closed the book when Laura, Mary, and Ma were waiting out a blizzard withContinue reading “Don’t shut the book too soon”