The Sacred Heart of Jesus and My Journey to PRIDE

“Is that discernment or is that fear?” This has been my life-long battle of attempting to follow Christ, to know God’s heart. My fear of rejection, my desperate grasping and striving to earn approval, only to then circle back to the fear of losing it once I think I have it- this gets all enmeshedContinue reading “The Sacred Heart of Jesus and My Journey to PRIDE”

Epiphany 1

Into time. Into space. Into frailty. Into confines and limitations. Infinite into finite. Eternal into temporal. By choice. For love. For us. To be near. To redeem. To make new. This Sunday, the church calendar hovers over the baptism of Jesus, and many churches will ponder the relevance of this Scripture for their people. WithoutContinue reading “Epiphany 1”